Redundancy vs Resiliency

September 2, 2015
Redundancy vs. Resiliency. These two terms are often confused but the simple fact is that you can’t have one without the other and both are critical to designing and deploying a highly available network solution. Why should you care? Failure to understand these two basic principles is the basis of every network outages and performance issue. Those that know me hear me talk alot about network design. Why? Because, in every single instance, of a network outage or performance issue, the fault lies in the design of redundancy and resiliency. The definition of Redundancy defines the deployment or provisioning of duplicate devices or systems in critical areas to take over active operation if the primary device or system fails. Resiliency defines the ability to recover, converge or self-heal to restore normal operations after a disruptive event. In order for resiliency to exist, we must have redundant systems.
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Start Here For a Successful High Availability Strategy

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