5 steps to earn credit toward network upgrades

October 29, 2015 Michelle Soares

Need to upgrade your network but don’t have the budget? Vology’s Buy Back Program might be the solution for you.

With the network becoming more important than ever, upgrades to improve its performance, reliability, and security are a necessity. But try explaining that to your CFO.Vology’s Buyback Program makes it easy to turn your unwanted or decommissioned gear into cash or credit. We purchase a wide variety of networking and telecommunications hardware, and our Asset Recovery team makes the process quick and easy.

Here are the 5 Simple Steps to earn the credits for your next network upgrade:

  1. Fill out the form here. Provide part numbers, quantity, and condition.
  2. Click Submit. Our Asset Recovery Team will contact you to let you know what equipment we are interested in purchasing.
  3. Once the equipment list is agreed upon, we will send you the shipping and packing instructions.
  4. Your newly sold gear will go through our Spirent testing facility and finishing booth. Equipment will go through a full functional and cosmetic inspection to ensure quality.
  5. A check with your name on it is out the door, and in your pocket.

It’s that easy!

Last year alone, Vology purchased over $90,000 in Cisco equipment from one single customer. That amount was applied as credit toward their network upgrades. If those numbers won’t convince your CFO, nothing will.

Vology also offers a White Glove Service for larger projects. We will send a specialized team to audit, record, and professionally pack the equipment to ensure you are receiving the utmost financial value for your decommissioned gear.

So what are you waiting for? Get the network upgrade you’ve been dreaming of. Complete the Buy Back Program form today. 


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