5 Strategies to Fuel Your IT Department

March 11, 2016 Michelle Soares

Things are moving faster in the IT world. Every day, faster machines and faster applications hit the market and it’s almost impossible to keep up. Maintaining the level of expertise needed to support all the different technologies and business processes has become more difficult.

IT departments need to be more nimble than ever, do more with less, and align with the strategic initiatives of the business.

In an article originally posted on The Enterprisers Project, 9 CIOs gave tips on how to make an IT department more efficient. Below is our take on it.

Here are 5 IT Strategies that will make your IT Department move faster:

1. Standardize applications to remove roadblocks:

Less is most often more when it comes to IT. If you have three different versions of the same application or different applications doing the same thing, you will be better off with one of them. Work toward standardization before you begin to tackle modernization.

2. Always think like an entrepreneur:

When you start to think about your next big IT project, ask yourself a few key questions: Will this be seen as a good idea? Will it withstand scrutiny and criticism? If approved, do I have a clear picture of how I will deliver? Am I ready to bet my career on this idea? If you don’t ask these questions, you might end up with a half-baked project, littered with hardware and software that doesn’t deliver.

3. Future proof your IT department:

To succeed in IT today you need enough vision and forward thinking to recognize that even though your system might be meeting your needs today, it may be broken in two or three years. Companies no longer have the luxury to think they are in a good spot, they must always be looking for what they need to be ahead of the business.

4. Move fast, but using processes:

If you don’t understand your processes and don’t have the right people to drive them, anything you do on the technology front doesn’t really matter and isn’t going to deliver much value. You need to be more agile within a strategic framework.  Move too quickly by not following processes and you are inviting a whole realm of other problems, and the result won’t be what you expect.

5. Leverage relationships with valued partners:

You could save hundreds of hours of work and millions of dollars if you build the right relationships with valued partners and leverage them the right way. For many companies, using a professional services provider or completely outsourcing their IT departments is no brainer. The right partner can alleviate the most common IT stresses, improve efficiency, reliability, security, and maintenance, all while lowering costs and freeing up IT staff to work on more strategic projects.

What are you doing in your IT department to stay ahead? Let us know in the comments section.

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