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January 9, 2017 Trent Brock


Calista Roussos, Vology's VP of Marketing and Vendor Relations, wrote the following article in December for the Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

From a business perspective, the need to secure data, protect data, and share data across multiple platforms or employees is critical for any CTO or CEO. This same need to secure data and store it applies to the everyday consumer: the family. As a parent, how often do you wonder what to do with all those pictures from your phone when you are out of storage? Should you buy more storage to keep it on your phone? Should you invest in an external hard drive and transfer the photos? How about a USB drive? All of these options are applicable, but they aren't reliable for the future.

Just as a business CEO would assess what assets are important to his company to protect and store, you as the CEO of your household should think the same way. It's not just about the pictures, it's about the important documents (home, financial, legal) that you can lose. The days of external drives, fireproof safes, or folders hidden in a drawer are no longer.

Vology provides enterprise support to our customers to help them solve their business problems, so they don’t have to worry about them. We take those workloads and will manage and monitor for our customers. Did you know as a parent you have the same access to these types of tools to protect your assets? Vology partners with Microsoft to provide support for Office 365. Office 365 allows employees to access files, emails, and data anywhere from any device. One of the applications is OneDrive for Business. OneDrive for Business and Office 365 make it easy to manage your work files, share them, and collaborate with others. This allows a company's IT department to have strict protocals that allow them to protect data with advanced encryption, compliance, and security features.

As the CEO of your family, you could have access to business class tools to protect your important assets, those family photos of the kids; it's called OneDrive Personal. Just like OneDrive for Business, it is pre-installed on Windows 10, and it works great on all your devices.  Access and share files and pictures on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. This means you can securely save all your pictures, documents, and assets you can't afford to lose in a central place: the cloud. What is also great is you can also share this with other loved ones. An aunt who lives out of state or grandma who is across the country can select files and share them, allowing the whole family to enjoy and avoid missing out on that birthday party or school graduation.

If you aren’t looking for business class tools and just looking for a place to store your photos, there are several cloud-based applications that allow you to upload, store, and even print your pictures. Most of these are even free up to a certain storage level. I would suggest Dropbox, Google Drive, BOX, iCloud, and Amazon Prime Photos - just a few of the most popular.

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