#VologyCares | Why Vology is the Best in Tampa Bay

February 1, 2017 Trent Brock

In case you didn't know, Vology is a high-growth strategic IT solutions provider with the unique capabilities to manage and monitor network and datacenter infrastructure in on-premise, private, or public cloud environments. Our company is composed of like-minded individuals. Teamwork, service, and innovation is what we live by, and we rely heavily on our employees to impact that change.

Employees want purpose, they want to know what they do on a daily basis has some purpose behind it. "What people want most is the chance to make a difference," says Alexander Hiam, the Massachusetts-based author of Business Innovation For Dummies. "When you have a chance to have your ideas heard and one of them actually gets implemented, it's such a boost."

At Vology, we have an open door policy. If you have an idea, employees can feel comfortable bringing it to the table.  Our employee recognition program is one of the best! There are three categories: Teamwork, Customer Service, and Business Improvement.  My favorite part of the program is that ANYONE can nominate a fellow co-worker. We do monthly, quarterly, and annual winners. The fact that full-time and part-time employees can win is probably my favorite thing about it. At some companies, the part-time crew doesn't always get the fun perks. Thank you to our VPOPs (Vology People Operations) for making everyone feel appreciated. 

The backbone to why our employees are the happiest boils down to the exceptional VPOPs team. From hiring exceptional talent, to planning fun activities, to making sure our benefits are competitive enough, they work hard to make sure Vology is the best in Tampa Bay

Here are some of the reasons I believe Vology is the best in the area:

The Gym

In today's employee-driven market, on-site corporate fitness facilities give companies a competitive edge. Having healthy employees is extremely important. Vology provides an on-site gym and wellness programs to help people get on track with their fitness goals. According to healthcare statistics from the Wellness Councils of America, preventable illnesses make up approximately 70-percent of all illnesses and associated healthcare costs. If a company can get its employees into programs (fitness behavior modification, weight management, or nutrition) it can increase its potential to save on healthcare costs in the long run. Plus, who wouldn't want to get a mid-day gym session to finish the day strong?! 


I know you maybe questioning this title. We have turf upstairs with a basketball shooting game, balance boards, and a chill place to hang out with co-workers or visitors. You can have a friendly shooting contest or see how long you can balance for some competition between friends. It is a nice perk because as the saying goes... "work hard, play hard." At Vology, you can do both at the same time. 

First Friday

You probably have heard of St. Pete's First Friday, right? Vology's is similar. VPOPs hosts an event the first Friday of every month to celebrate new hires, promotions, and newly certified employees! They are themed and are a great way to end to the week. If you are like me, you can't pass up some free beer and food. 


I might be biased, but Vology has the best employees. You can make a difference at Vology and everyone wants you to succeed. Take a look at how amazing Vology is:

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Come Back a Difference with Us.

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